Travelling to Portugal and looking for truly unique Portuguese gifts and souvenirs, more and more people prefer to buy original cork products to bring back home. Because Portuguese cork products are beautiful, natural and unique.

In our corkstore in Braga you can buy from the wide range of original cork gifts: cork bags and backpacks, cork wallets and change purses, cork baseball caps and hats, cork shoes, cork jewelry, cork products for home and many other unique cork gifts.

From the smallest souvenirs like cork magnets with beautiful images of Braga and Portugal, cork key-rings, cork earrings and cork bracelets, cork coin purses, cork card holders, cork pencil cases, mini crossbody bags, cork phone bags – to high quality cork handbags, backpacks, cork hats and cork shoes you can shop all in our authentic corkstore. Visit us to discover the variaty and versatility of Portuguese cork products. You are very welcome!

Quality cork bags is a perfect accessory for everyday wear. It´s beautiful, it´s functional and it´s one of a kind. You can buy the bag that fits you most in our corkstore.

It can be a casual shoulder/crossbody cork bag of medium size if you move a lot during the day, or our new large cork tote bag if you need to carry lots of essentials with you. You can also find a comfortable cork handbag or a cork backpack.

All of our cork bags are made in Portugal from natural Portuguese cork of high-quality.

Launched recently and already loved by our customers, Portuguese Windows Collection is now available in our online store.

All of cork products from the Portuguese Windows Collection are inspired by the bright, colorful and authentic windows of Portugal.

From the small accessories like cork cardholder wallet, cork glasses case and cork crossbody bag to large cork bag you can choose your perfect cork product.

The Portuguese Windows Collection cork products are exclusively designed and made in Portugal from high quality natural Portuguese cork.

Our new cork sandals are available now to buy online from Portugal.

Our cork sandals have soft comfortable straps, adjustable buckle fastening with hidden elastic band. The outer sole is flexible with 2 cm stable heel, the insole is cushioning.

Our cork sandals are very lightweight and comfortable, they are beautiful and elegant. Wear them with your favourite clothes and in any occasion as walking around town or shopping as well as on a resort or to the beach.

To find your cork hat size mesure the circumference of your head just above your ears. It can be in centimeters (cm) or in inches (//).

S (Small) – 55/56cm (EU) – 67/8/7 (US) – 22//

M (Medium) – 57/58cm (EU) – 71/8/71/4 (US) – 22 3/8// 22 ¾ //

L (Large) – 59/60cm (EU) – 73/8/71/2 (US) – 23 1/8// – 23 ½//

XL (Extra Large) – 61/62cm (EU) – 75/8/73/4 (US) – 23 7/8//– 24 ¼//

Our cork hats and cork baseball caps are suitable for any weather conditions. They will protect you from rain and sun. Wear a cork hat for a walk, while travelling, playing golf or to the beach.

Here are some quick interesting facts about Portuguese cork:

  1. It´s natural. Portuguese cork is the outer layer of Cork Oak tree (Quercus Suber) which grows in Portugal.
  2. It´s sustainable. We get the cork by harvesting Cork trees every 9 years without any harm to nature.
  3. It´s durable. The structure of cork cell is honey comb what provides the elasticity and durability.
  4. It´s water repellent. The cork cell contains natural wax (suberine) which does not let it to absorb water.
  5. It´s super lightweight. The weight of 1 square centimeter is only 0,16 grams.
  6. It´s resistant to high temperatures. That is why you feel so good wearing cork hats during warm sunny days.
  7. It´s hypoallergenic. Cork does not absorb dust. This fact makes our cork products so skin friendly.
  8. It´s versatile & unique. In Portugal, we make many different cork products: cork bags, cork shoes, cork hats, cork wallets and purses, cork bracelets, cork products for home decoration.

Cork products from Portugal are unique natural products made from the bark of Cork tree.

With the creativity, technology and the miracle of nature – Cork tree, we elaborated a new cork material. It is 100 % eco-friendly, very durable and lightweight. Due to the natural wax in the cork cells all cork products are water-repellent.

We produce all of our eco-friendly cork products in Portugal. With respect to Nature, Animals and People.

Discover our collection of eco-friendly cork bags, cork shoes, cork wallets and purses and gifts.



Portuguese Cork tree grows in Portugal – a beautiful country, located in the southwestern Europe, along the Atlantic coast.

Cork is a natural fiber that we get from the outer layer of Portuguese Cork tree or Cork Oak (Quercus Suber).

The most interesting and important fact about Cork tree is that the process of getting cork from a tree is absolutely Eco-friendly. Because Cork Oak starts to regenerate it´s outer layer immediately after the harvesting.

Cork tree is the national tree of Portugal and here is the tradition to make beautiful and unique cork products.

Cork sandals are the must-have summer accessory.

We traditionally produce them in Portugal using only high quality natural materials. One of the most unique and 100% eco-friendly materials is natural cork.

To get the high quality cork for our sandals production, the raw material is prepared and treated especially to be soft, flexible, breathable and water-repellent at the same time. So, the final product has all the properties of the natural cork. Our natural cork sandals are lightweight, breathable and water-repellent.

Shop our new cork sandals and have a great summer!



Classic cork sneakers are the original and most popular cork shoes made in Portugal. With respect for the decades of shoe making traditions, using high quality materials and a desire to create a new unique Portuguese product.

Each pair of our cork sneakers is carefully handmade in the nothern Portugal by the local artisans.

Discover all of our cork shoes collection.