To find your cork hat size mesure the circumference of your head just above your ears. It can be in centimeters (cm) or in inches (//).

S (Small) – 55/56cm (EU) – 67/8/7 (US) – 22//

M (Medium) – 57/58cm (EU) – 71/8/71/4 (US) – 22 3/8// 22 ¾ //

L (Large) – 59/60cm (EU) – 73/8/71/2 (US) – 23 1/8// – 23 ½//

XL (Extra Large) – 61/62cm (EU) – 75/8/73/4 (US) – 23 7/8//– 24 ¼//

Cork is

  1. Natural. Cork is the outer layer of Cork Oak tree (Quercus Suber) which grows in Portugal.
  2. Sustainable. We get the cork by harvesting Cork trees every 9 years.
  3. Durable. The structure of cork cell is honey comb what provides the elasticity and durability.
  4. Water repellent. The cork cell contains natural wax (suberine) which does not let it to absorb water.
  5. Super lightweight. The weight of 1 square centimeter is only 0,16 grams.
  6. Resistant to high temperatures. That is why you feel so good wearing cork hats during warm sunny days.
  7. Hypoallergenic. Cork does not absorb dust. This fact makes our cork products so skin friendly.
  8. Versatile & unique. In Portugal, we make many different cork products from like cork bags, cork shoes, cork hats, cork wallets, cork bracelets, cork table wear. And evey cork product is unique, because we make them in limited quantities.

Many of us buy and use fashion accessories without paying attention to the materials it is made of or the methods how it is made.

So, we buy shoes, bags and belts made of animal skin thinking that is normal, that it is the quality product, that is the tradition of how it has been made for centuries.

But can it be another way? Can our common accessories be made from more eco friendly materials? Without any harm to nature and animals? And still have quality and attractive design?

YES! We have this eco friendly product available due to the creativity of Portuguese people, technology and the miracle of nature – Cork tree.
So, combining these three main aspects we receive cork fabric – a new generation material, which is 100% natural, very durable and waterproof.

Sounds good, in practice, it’s even much more better. Because using cork products day after day, we benefit from it. Using natural cork products give so much pleasure and joy, whether you wear cork shoes, cork bag or cork belt.

Cork products presented in our cork store are ethically made in Portugal.
With respect to Nature, Animals and People.

Cork products are perfect presents for Vegans and Vegetarians, because they are made from non-leather materials.
Discover our collection of vegan cork bags, cork shoes, cork wallets and purses and gifts.



All of the products in our store are made of cork.

And what is cork?

Cork is a natural product made from the outer part (the bark) of Cork tree, also called Cork Oak (Quercus Suber).

Cork tree grows in Portugal – a beautiful country, located in the southwestern Europe, along the Atlantic coast.

Cork Oak is the national tree of Portugal since 2011, and it is the tradition here co create beautiful and interesting products from cork.

The most interesting fact about cork is that the process of getting cork from a tree is absolutely Eco-friendly. Because the Cork Oak has the ability to regenerate it´s bark and can live up to 200 years and more.

Cork can be harvested from the trees beginning from the age of 25 years, and then every 9 years.

Yogis of India often walk barefoot or wear wooden sandals. Because the dead animal leather poisons the mind and rubber is bad for the vision. Luckily in Portugal we can make the shoes of the bark of Cork tree. They’re natural, light and breathable.

100% waterproof. Handmade in Portugal.

Perfect gift for vegetarians and vegans.

Already available in Corkstore Braga. Soon will be available in


We´re very happy to give you the possibility to choose from the range of our New Cork Shoes which are carefully hand made in Portugal. This small shoe factory is owned by very nice family and located in the North of Portugal where the traditions of shoe making are kept carefully.

First model is classic and so loved comfortable sneakers, made of 100% Natural Cork with piton and sheer effects to give you more beauty and joy for everyday wear.

All of us like travelling. And all of us like to bring something special from the country we travel. For us, for our friends and family. To keep the memories, to feel the warmth of that place we liked again.

These nicely made Cork Hot Pads will definitely meet that needs. You can choose from beautiful Portuguese tiles, traditional designs like Rooster of Barcelos or Sardines. Made in Portugal. The tiles are real!