Cork tree in Portugal

Here are some quick interesting facts about Portuguese cork:

  1. It´s natural. Portuguese cork is the outer layer of Cork Oak tree (Quercus Suber) which grows in Portugal.
  2. It´s sustainable. We get the cork by harvesting Cork trees every 9 years without any harm to nature.
  3. It´s durable. The structure of cork cell is honey comb what provides the elasticity and durability.
  4. It´s water repellent. The cork cell contains natural wax (suberine) which does not let it to absorb water.
  5. It´s super lightweight. The weight of 1 square centimeter is only 0,16 grams.
  6. It´s resistant to high temperatures. That is why you feel so good wearing cork hats during warm sunny days.
  7. It´s hypoallergenic. Cork does not absorb dust. This fact makes our cork products so skin friendly.
  8. It´s versatile & unique. In Portugal, we make many different cork products: cork bags, cork shoes, cork hats, cork wallets and purses, cork bracelets, cork products for home decoration.
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