Many of us buy and use fashion accessories without paying attention to the materials it is made of or the methods how it is made.

So, we buy shoes, bags and belts made of animal skin thinking that is normal, that it is the quality product, that is the tradition of how it has been made for centuries.

But can it be another way? Can our common accessories be made from more eco friendly materials? Without any harm to nature and animals? And still have quality and attractive design?

YES! We have this eco friendly product available due to the creativity of Portuguese people, technology and the miracle of nature – Cork tree.
So, combining these three main aspects we receive cork fabric – a new generation material, which is 100% natural, very durable and waterproof.

Sounds good, in practice, it’s even much more better. Because using cork products day after day, we benefit from it. Using natural cork products give so much pleasure and joy, whether you wear cork shoes, cork bag or cork belt.

Cork products presented in our cork store are ethically made in Portugal.
With respect to Nature, Animals and People.

Cork products are perfect presents for Vegans and Vegetarians, because they are made from non-leather materials.
Discover our collection of vegan cork bags, cork shoes, cork wallets and purses and gifts.